Analogue pocket pre-orders will begin shipping on December 13th

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After the disappointing news that both Valve Steam Deck i Panic Playdate handheld consoles faced problems pushing their availability by 2022, today Analogue revealed its the long-awaited Pocket will actually delivery begins Dec. 13 for the first wave of pre-orders.

Many who pre-ordered the Analogue Pocket were nervous that the handheld device would face the same delays as the Steam Deck because the Valve faces the same supply chain issues affecting manufacturers around the world, and Panic Playdate, for whose first run it was established serious problems with their rechargeable batteries, which requires their complete replacement – an expensive and time – consuming process since all units had to be sent back abroad.

But this morning Gizmodo staff received the following email from Analogue regarding their Pocket pre-order:

Pre-orders for Analogue Pocket will begin shipping on December 13th. Due to unprecedented delivery congestion, your order will be shipped and delivered between December 14th – December 30th.

We understand that some of you will be absent during the holiday season and would rather deliver in the new year. With that in mind, we offer to keep your package during the holiday period and start shipping on January 3rd. If you cannot accept delivery between December 14 – December 30, you should request that your order be retained.

Please reply to this email or contact [email protected] to change your address, request a reservation, or cancel your order. Please provide a complete and accurate address.

The deadline for all changes to your order is November 28th. After this date, we cannot accept any changes to your order as we begin the fulfillment process.

If you do not need to change your shipping address or request an order hold, please do not reply to this email. Your order will be shipped in December.

The company also shared transportation news on its website and his accounts on social networks:

So while Analogue is subject to the same delivery delays that any other company trying to bring its products to the door for the holidays, it sounds like those who were among the first to order Pocket might be lucky enough to get their own console before 2021 draws to a close — but with ETA delivery deadlines extended until December 30, this could be a real problem for some.

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