Amazon is working on fixing its broken Appstore on Android 12

Over the past month, we’ve noticed that the Amazon Appstore doesn’t work with Android 12. And we say it doesn’t work, we think it’s almost completely broken. Most people declare that they cannot run any software they have downloaded from Amazon. Still others say they don’t see any apps when they visit the market. A post on Amazon on a forum he spotted summarizes the situation many Appstore users find themselves in after installing Android 12.

“My Amazon Appstore rain radar app still works and gives me alerts via notifications, but I can’t actually see them because it’s disabled to work full screen due to a malfunctioning Amazon Appstore,” forum user Lovingboth said.

Amazon has yet to say when it plans to solve the problem. The company only added a notice to the top of the Appstor about problems with Android 12 earlier this week. “We are also excited about Android 12,” the notice reads. “Sorry to fix some issues. Thank you for your patience as we return your Appstore.”

As points out, the Appstore’s problems with Android 12 probably stem from an incompatibility between Amazon’s built-in DRM and Google’s new operating system. “We are aware of and are working to address issues affecting application and launch performance for a small number of Amazon Appstore users who have upgraded to Android 12 on their mobile devices,” an Amazon spokesman said. The Verge. “This issue does not affect Amazon Fire Tablets or Fire TVs.”

Since Android 12 is only available on a few devices and most use the Play Store to download their apps, this is not a problem that affects many people. Still, it’s one that’s poised to become more widespread as the update appears on multiple devices, especially if Amazon isn’t working quickly to fix it.

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