All iPads now have 100% recycled aluminum cases

Apple confirmed yesterday that with the release of the iPad mini 6, its entire iPad line now contained 100% recycled aluminum for its cases.

The company stated:

The iPad mini features 100% recycled aluminum in the case – a major milestone in which every model in the iPad line now has a 100% recycled aluminum case. The iPad mini also uses 100% recycled sheet metal in the soldering of the main logic board and 100% recycled rare elements in the magnets in the case and speakers.

Apple reiterated that it still plans to achieve zero due to climate impacts by 2030. In addition to the case, the iPad mini also uses 100 percent recycled sheet metal on the logic board and 100% recycled rare earth elements.

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The iPhone 13 has also undergone some environmental changes, using recycled plastic water bottles for its antenna lines, and redesigning the iPhone packaging:

The iPhone also uses 100 percent recycled rare elements in magnets like those used in MagSafe, 100 percent recycled sheet metal in soldering the main logic board, and, for the first time, in soldering the battery management unit. Both models also use 100 percent recycled gold to line the main logic board and wire for the front camera and rear camera. The redesigned packaging eliminates the outer plastic foil, avoiding 600 tons of plastic and bringing Apple closer to its goal of completely removing plastic from all packaging by 2025.

The iPad mini also boasts a new A15 chip and a completely new design. Here you can find an overview of where you can buy the iPad mini 6.

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