Alexa can now tell you if your washing machine has stopped or the water is leaking

Recently, Amazon introduced a feature that allowed Alex to hear certain types of sounds, called Custom Sound Detection. It now adds two new specific Alexa sound detectors for “flowing water” and “whistling devices” that can be used to set up routines or reminders. It has also introduced a number of other new features for things like prescription charging, ultrasonic motion detection and more.

It was already possible for Alexa to identify those two specific sounds, but the new update means you won’t have to train it. With the new features, you can use the Alexa app to send notifications when the washing machine beeps to indicate that your laundry is done. It can also remind you to turn off the sink if someone accidentally leaks water.

In the same way, the update includes the introduction of ultrasonic motion detection for routines on selected Echo devices. At its September event, Amazon said the feature would arrive on fourth-generation Echo and Echo Dot devices, designed to use “silent ultrasonic waves” to detect if there are people in the room. With the new routines, you can use Alexa to turn on the lights when motion is detected near the device, for example, or lower the thermostat when motion is not detected.

Another new feature allows Amazon Pharmacy users to ask Alexa to supplement prescriptions and get proactive updates when they are shipped. “You can also ask Alex to call Amazon Pharmacy to contact an Amazon Pharmacy representative for customer support who can answer questions on topics such as prescription status, invoice, billing, as well as information on medications and side effects,” Amazon said.

Other new features include “teaching preferences” that allow you to teach Alex what food or sport you like, a dinner suggestion (“Alexa, what should I eat?”), A TikTok video launcher, a conversation mode (“Alexa, join the conversation”), and hands-free audio calls using Verizon Number share. Amazon also announced that customers can now pre-order Echo Show 15 and deliver it on December 9th. New features are now being introduced on Alexa devices, although some may be limited to the region.

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