AirTag leather key ring review by WaterField Designs: Excellent quality

WaterField Designs’ leather AirTag key ring looks a bit like a squid’s head. The oval leather keychain comes with a heavy matte black keychain at one end. (Your keys would be squid tentacles in this tormented comparison.) And the metal hole at the other end allows you to attach the included steel carabiner or cable loop to expand your capabilities.

The San Francisco-based company has constructed this key AirTag accessory from solid solid leather and premium components. It definitely looks and feels premium. And it seems to be built to last a lifetime.

The only real flaw is related to size: this is one huge squid!

WaterField Designs AirTag Leather Keychain Review

WaterField loves to make accessories worthy of your Apple devices. If you’ve ever come across a WaterField product – like a gorgeous leather MacBook bag, slim backpack or a truly protective AirPods Max case – you know the company refuses to skimp on quality. Every WaterField design we’ve ever seen exudes superior feel. (And we’ve reviewed many WaterField products over the years.)

The company usually combines the highest quality materials with a smart design that provides ultimate utility. WaterField’s leather AirTag keychain proves the same.

The pendant leather pendant bag contains the AirTag. A very solid matt black metal screw keeps the compartment closed. And the perforation grid allows the AirTag’s small speaker to be heard outside its comfortable leather case. You will be glad when the time comes to find the keys you are missing. Just use the Find My app to identify the general proximity of your keys. Then activate the audible warning, prick up your ears and return your keys. It’s just like that.

Colorful and solid

This sturdy leather cover hides your AirTag from prying eyes.
Photo: Lewis Wallace / Cult of Mac

The WaterField AirTag keychain comes in four colors. The acorn color that WaterField sent me for review looks beautiful. (Other colors include black, red, and blue. I think the light brown color of acorns looks by far the best.)

The durable seam around the edge is not 100% symmetrical – it looks like it was made by hand, not pulled out by a machine. If you’re anal about things like that, it might drive you a little crazy, but I’m fine with that.

After several months of use, the only drawback of the WaterField AirTag keychain is its size. Admittedly, I carry a lot of keys. And a bottle opener. And a remote for my truck. (Honestly, the whole thing got a little out of hand.) But the sheer size of the WaterField keychain doesn’t do me any favors in the bulk department. When I put the whole set and kaboodle in the pocket of my coat or jeans, it makes quite a lump.

Hide your AirTag in a visible place

Unlike some minimalist AirTag keychains, which show Apple’s tracking tag, WaterField’s design scrupulously hides it. That way, the potential thief will not know that there is a tracker inside. However, it also means that a good Samaritan who finds your keys may not know how to contact you. (Here’s what to do if you ever find a lost AirTag, BTW.)

That secrecy is one of the reasons why the WaterField keychain looks so great. The AirTags themselves are a bit chunky. To effectively hide them, the design of the key ring should be increased. That’s why most AirTag key fobs show the tracker itself.

The WaterField AirTag keychain retails for $ 25. That’s a great price for such a premium product. By comparison, Apple’s AirTag leather keychain costs $ 35 (although you can find other AirTag keychains at a lower price). Most leather costs at least as much as WaterField. And if you want to go crazy, you can spend $ 349 on Apple’s Hermès keychain for AirTag.

The WaterField AirTag keychain is more significant than most competitors. It is also stronger – more like a baseball glove than a leather glove that is barely fit.

If minimalism is your game, this is not for you. However, if you love leather and don’t mind a bit of bulkiness at the end of your keys, this AirTag keychain should draw you in.

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WaterField Designs provided Cult Maca with the review unit for this article. See our review policies and other detailed reviews of Apple-related items.

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