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Belkin Soundform Freedom True Wireless Earbuds

Belkin Soundform Freedom

One of the best noise canceling headphones on the market, the Airpods Pro offers a range of premium features, such as ANC and Apple’s smart H1 chip. Although these headphones come with a high price tag, they offer great sound quality along with some impressive ringtones and whistles for the price.

$ 190 on Amazon


  • Active Noise Canceling and Transparency
  • X1 chip with all its smart features
  • Intuitive controls
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Expensive
  • The definition of bass is weak

Belkin’s Soundform Freedom True Wireless Earbuds aren’t on the same level as AirPods Pro when it comes to added features like ANC and fancy chipsets. However, they offer decent sound with strong bass, along with crystal clear phone calls. The most attractive offer of these headphones is probably their reasonable price.

$ 120 on Amazon


  • Low price
  • Long battery life
  • Automatic pause and Find My function
  • Excellent ambient noise cancellation for voice calls


  • No active noise cancellation
  • Less impressive sound quality

Ever since Apple released AirPods Pro in 2019, other brands have been trying to produce headphones to compete with them in terms of quality and appearance. Belkin Soundform Freedom headphones certainly look like AirPods, especially in white, but do not match AirPods in terms of features and price. Consider all the specifications.

AirPods Pro vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom True Wireless Headphones: Key differences

Belkin Soundform Freedom Tw Headphones Airpods Pro

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Specifications by specification, you can see that AirPods Pro have more ringtones and whistles than Belkin Soundform Freedom. Both sets of headphones can be charged wirelessly, but that’s where the similarities end.

AirPods Pro Belkin Soundform Freedom
Type Wireless Bluetooth headset Wireless Bluetooth headset
Chip H1 headphone chip Qualcomm QCC3046 SoC
Battery life 4.5 hours 8 hours
Charging MagSafe wireless charging Qi wireless charging
Active noise cancellation Yes no
Ambient noise mode Yes no
Live Listen Yes no
Spatial Audio Yes Yes
Controls Forced touch sensor Touch
Inputs Lightning USB-C
Colors White White, black
The case MagSafe wireless charging case Qi wireless charging case
Microphones Dual microphones for air formation Dual microphones
Voice assistant “Hey Siri” hands-free voice assistant Touch-activated voice assistant

Everything from the chipset and battery life to the controls and inputs is very different between these two models. For example, Belkin headphones have a much longer battery life, while AirPods Pro offers hands-free voice assistant technology. One implements the Lightning port, the other implements USB-C. One has an Apple chip, the other Qualcomm. How do these differences manifest during everyday use? Let’s start with the general design.

AirPods Pro Vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom: AirPods Pro conquers intuitive controls

Airpods Pro vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom

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When you consider the exterior design of the AirPods Pro and Belkin Soundform Freedom, they don’t look that much different. Both headphones have a long handle with microphones on the lower end (with which they are better heard) and offer several sizes of ear tips for ear canals, large and small. You can see an external microphone on both models, although they serve a slightly different purpose. AirPods Pro implements an outward-facing microphone to enhance active noise cancellation, while Belkin uses it to suppress background noise during phone calls.

Earplugs are necessary to remove noise, but they are not comfortable for all users. Fortunately, both of these headset sets come with several sizes of earbuds. Any of these headphones can be adjusted using Apple’s eartip fit test to improve fit and setup. For anyone who likes to listen to music or audio content during training, earbuds are useful to keep the headphones firmly in place. Since both of these models are waterproof, a little sweat or rain will not harm them.

AirPods Pro implements an outward-facing microphone to enhance active noise cancellation, while Belkin uses it to suppress background noise during phone calls.

Controls are a key conversation topic for headphones because each handset seems to have its own unique configuration. This is one area where Apple excels; the touch force sensor is one of the most innovative control functions I’ve seen on headphones. There is no clicking on the button that causes the handset to be pushed deeper into the ear, and there is not much tapping or dragging. Belkin Soundform Freedom buds are not so intuitive; they include a touch and touch sensor on the back of each handset that can be difficult to master. For my part, I prefer the touch force sensor on AirPods headphones.

AirPods Pro Vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom: Smart performance versus robust battery

Airpods Pro vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom

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Of course, the most critical aspect of any headset is the sound quality. Belkin Soundform Freedom produces a beautiful sound with noisy bass that is pleasing in hip-hop and R&B songs. However, they are less impressive in other genres because highs and mids sometimes sound a bit muted or tinny. I won’t say that the sound quality of these headphones is bad, but if you compare them with AirPods Pro, AirPods will win. These headphones have more clarity and detail in general, although the bass is a bit lacking if you enjoy deep, penetrating bass.

One of the reasons AirPods Pro produces better sound is the H1 chip which uses adaptive EQ and an inward-facing microphone to analyze the sound you receive. AirPods actively adjust the sound to your own ear shape, and the ear tip responds to ensure you hear the most accurate sound reproduction possible. Unfortunately, Belkin Soundform Freedom cannot compete with this technology.

The Soundform Freedom headphones will give you almost double the playback time compared to the AirPods Pro with a full eight hours of playback, as opposed to just 4.5 hours for the AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro also offers active noise cancellation, which is essential if you work or listen in a loud environment. Some people don’t actually like or need ANC, and if it’s you, you might prefer Belkin Soundform Freedom. Although Belkin headphones do not have ANC, they offer noise cancellation from the environment for voice calls, which means your voice comes loud and clear even if you walk down a busy street. This technology is very suitable for those who spend their days making conference calls and virtual meetings.

Let’s not forget that Belkin Soundform Freedom headphones are also characterized by longevity. These headphones will give you almost twice as long playback time compared to AirPods Pro with a full eight hours of playback. AirPods Pro only offers 4.5 hours. Combined with the wireless charging case, you can enjoy 36 hours of listening with Belkin headphones and 24 hours for AirPods Pro. For those who go on long trips or listen non-stop, those eight hours can come in really handy.

AirPods Pro Vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom: Belkin wins by price

Belkin Soundform Freedom Tw Earbuds Airpods Pro Open

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Here’s one area where Belkin Soundform Freedom definitely outperforms AirPods. At their retail price of $ 120, Belkin headphones are a good $ 129 cheaper than AirPods Pro which sells for $ 249. Of course, both headphones can be offered at lower prices when they go on sale, but the difference in price is significant anyway. True, AirPods Pro delivers many price-enhancing features, but depending on the budget, they can be out of reach for many customers who need a more affordable offer.

AirPods Pro Vs. Belkin Soundform Freedom: Which ones should you buy?

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There is no denying that AirPods Pro are a better choice if you have a budget. Apple’s premier headphones come with active noise cancellation and all the advanced features offered by the H1 chip, including adaptive EQ, surround sound with dynamic head tracking, automatic device switching and audio sharing. That’s a lot of good benefits you won’t get from Belkin Soundform Freedom, but these features come with a much higher price tag.

Belkin Soundform Freedom headphones, on the other hand, offer better voice isolation during voice and video calls. They have a more recognizable bass sound when listening to certain genres. Because they also have a much longer battery life, Belkin Soundform Freedom can also be a good choice for frequent travelers or obsessive listeners. You will get a lot more time to play than these buds. However, the real selling point of Belkin headphones is the super reasonable price.

To summarize, AirPods Pro are the best choice for most people because they are some of the most advanced wireless headphones on the market. However, they are also expensive, so if you are buying on a limited budget, Belkin Soundform Freedom earphones are a much better price in terms of price.

Best overall

Airpods Pro

AirPods Pro

If you’re looking for the best of the best, AirPods Pro are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. They have all the advantages, like ANC, Transparency mode and Apple H1 chipset, but all these features come at a high price.

Best value

Belkin Soundform Freedom

Belkin Soundform Freedom True Wireless Earbuds

For those who need a super long-lasting battery and crystal clear voice calls, the Belkin Soundform Freedom headphones deliver in full. They also deliver at a competitive price.

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