AirPods are no longer cool, say people who can’t afford it

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It’s no longer fashionable to wear AirPods, so lo and behold. In addition, they “radiate” you, and all the best celebrities have returned to wired headphones.

According to Wall Street Journal, AirPods have “become too widespread to be cool.” Celebrities you haven’t heard of have obviously taken a stand against all wireless headphones and stayed firmly connected.

While that’s by no means the reason why they do it, they’re obviously taking pictures for an Instagram account called @wireditgirls. Plus, again according to Wall Street Journal, if necessary, you can watch TikTok videos that help explain how to use wired headphones.

It is true that there are certain practical issues. The first and undoubtedly most important is the question of price.

If you can’t afford to pay anywhere north of $ 129 for a pair of AirPods headphones, you can’t afford it. So, use cheaper wires, which will at least sound better than cheap counterfeit AirPods.

Then, if you can afford them, then there’s still no doubt you have other things you could spend your $ 129, $ 179 or $ 249 on.

The Wall Street Journal he also claims that wired headphones are far harder to lose than wireless ones. Plus, they’re infinitely easier to charge – since you never have to charge them.

Reportedly, there is also a claim that radiation from the AirPod can harm you. “Not this again,” the Food and Drug Administration said, but it could have done so. The FDA says Bluetooth headsets are harmless.

So, it all comes down to charging the battery and charging your bank account.

But other than those practical questions, there’s a claim that using wired headphones means you’re telling the world that you don’t accept this whole vibration of technology tracking. Or rather, to choose your precise technological period very carefully.

The Wall Street Journal spoke with Shelby Hull, owner of the @wireditgirls account and marketing coordinator for Rostrum Records.

Hull said the wire movement was part of “this huge romanticization and revival of the Tumblr era.” If you missed that era and foolishly believe that Tumblr is still important, explain to us that it means 2014. Apparently.

“[It’s] where people look at music as an overall aesthetic experience, not just a practical consumption, “Hull said.” Low-fi technology is considered a more aesthetic experience and contributes to that cool factor. “

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