AirBuddy unlocks the full potential of your AirPods headphones on Mac

The experience with AirPods is generally great, but let’s be honest. The way Apple headphones work with the Mac is a faint imitation of the flawless functionality you get when you use them with the iPhone and iPad.

Fortunately, an innovative Mac app called AirBuddy fixes that. And right now, you can save 20% on AirBuddy with a code CYBER20.

Make AirPods work better with your Mac

Simply install AirBuddy on your Mac and get your AirPods ready to work the same way they do with iOS devices.

“With AirBuddy, you can simply open your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the current status instantly, just as it works on your iPhone,” says Buddy Software, AirBuddy’s developer. “One click connects you, and swiping down allows you to connect and change [listening modes]…. Fully customizable battery alerts help you monitor your device’s batteries. ”

AirBuddy allows you to easily change things like volume output and microphone input, without deep immersion in your system settings. The affordable Mac app even gives you an overview of all the nearby devices and provides details on battery usage, among other handy tricks.

Warmly recommended Mac app for AirPods owners

“If you have AirPods and Macs, then you need AirBuddy,” Cult Maca wrote when he recommended the app. “When set up, it works invisibly and makes using AirPods with your Mac as easy as using it with your iPhone or iPad.”

A MacStories the reviewer also praised the app.

“AirBuddy is one of those handy Mac utilities you don’t know how you lived without until you tried it,” they wrote.

Save on the AirBuddy app for Mac

AirBuddy lets you enjoy all the comfort, convenience, portability and superior sound of AirPods headphones on your Mac. Take advantage of this 20% discount with the code CYBER20 and take your Mac audio game to the next level.

Prices are subject to change.

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