AI Gym ‘Tempo’ announces integration with Apple Watch

The fitness gym powered by artificial intelligence “Tempo” today announced the integration with the Apple Watch, allowing Tempo users to synchronize their exercises and fitness and health data directly with their Apple Watch.

Among demographic user groups, Tempo says more than 70% of iPhone users and a smaller 35% own an Apple Watch. Tempo has been teasing the integration of the Apple Watch for some time, and as it finally arrived, Tempo users now have access to a range of settings, features and data on the wrist. For example, during exercise, users can pause and resume sessions without having to touch the Tempo screen, minimizing distractions and lost time.

More importantly, the integration of Apple Watch means that Tempo users will no longer have to rely on third-party or external health monitoring equipment during exercise. Using the built-in sensors on the Apple Watch, Tempo users can now access their heart rate, calorie burning and additional data synchronized with Tempo workouts.

For those unfamiliar with Tempo, the company calls itself “the only home gym with interactive training” that uses 3D sensors with advanced AI technology to help users perfect their form and exercises during training. Tempo offers not only real-time feedback, but also coaching and “premium” dumbbells worth more than $ 1,000.

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