Adoption of iOS 15 remains slower than iOS 14 last year

Back in mid-September, two days after iOS 15 was released to the public, it was reported that users needed to update iOS 15 longer than with iOS 14. Two weeks later, the adoption of iOS 15 is still slower than last year’s numbers.

According to data from analytics company Mixpanel, only 8.59% of users have updated their devices to iOS 15 within 48 hours of release. By comparison, that number was 14.68% in the same period last year when iOS 14 was released. Almost 15 days later, the adoption of iOS 15 remains slower than its predecessor.

Mixpanel now shows that iOS 15 adoption is at 22.22% on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Looking back on October 5, 2020, 41.97% of users have already installed iOS 14. It is worth noting that Mixpanel measures iOS adoption at based on data collected from the application and the website using its analytics API. Apple has not yet released the official iOS 15 adoption numbers.

Of course, there are some reasons why iOS 15 is slower to adopt, but Apple is not discussing any of them. This year’s update is more gradual than last year’s, as iOS 14 introduced home screen widgets for the first time, Picture-in-Picture for iPhone users, a redesigned call interface and Siri, an app library, surround sound and more.

Another thing is that some of the major new iOS 15 features, like SharePlay in FaceTime and Universal Control for iPad users, have been delayed for later this year. There’s also a new option that will allow users to stay on iOS 14 for the first time and still receive important security updates.

It’s hard to say which of these reasons had the biggest impact on the adoption of iOS 15, but definitely the combination of all of them makes fewer users interested in the latest version of Apple’s operating system. In a poll he conducted 9to5Mac, more than 12% of our readers told us that they are waiting for iOS 15.1 or a future update with more features, while 5% decided to stay longer on iOS 14.

While this is not a security issue as iOS 14 is still being updated, slower adoption may mean that app developers have to wait longer to activate features that require iOS 15.

And you? Did you update your devices to iOS 15? Let us know in the comments below.

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