AAPL record high, today more than 2%; also a record percentage increase

Another AAPL record was set today. At the time of writing, the stock was at $ 165.08, up more than 2%. This is the third time that stocks have reached a new record this month.

Walter Bloomberg has tweeted that the stock also recorded the highest percentage growth of any company listed on the Dow Jones index, although it did not specify a time frame …


Back in July, we noticed that we saw a whole series of record high values ​​on the way to $ 150. This followed a mix of good and bad news that month.

On the plus side, Apple vendors reported high earnings; tax breaks have been agreed for the production of iPads in India; and three market intelligence reports indicate very high demand for Macs. On the other hand, pressures against monopolies, taxes and the right to repair continue. But Apple itself seems optimistic, reportedly asking suppliers to produce 90 million iPhone 13 models by the end of the year.

There have been many more since then.

The latest AAPL record

It is currently unclear what prompted the rush to buy this morning; however, two recent developments have made the company’s future look even brighter.

The company probably removed the antitrust threat when it made a belated and unexpected turn regarding the issue of the right to repair. An immediate incentive may have been a shareholder decision urging Apple to “stop its anti-repair policy” to avoid damaging the company’s reputation. That resolution has now been withdrawn.

Apple announced the Self Service Repair program last week to facilitate the repairs I did, after previously claiming that it was too dangerous.

More importantly, last week’s report suggested that Apple is putting strong pressure on plans for a self-driving car.

Report with Bloomberg yesterday indicated that Apple is accelerating its plans to release a self-driving EV by 2025. Following that report, Morgan Stanley analysts released a new investor note detailing how the Apple Car could affect Apple’s industry as well as the automotive industry. whole.

Confirming Bloomberg In the report, Morgan Stanley analysts say it remains a “working assumption that Apple will one day enter the space of electrical autonomy in transportation.” When this day comes, the “implications for the auto industry” would be “significant”.

Yesterday Bloomberg the report showed that Apple’s ideal outcome was that the Apple Car “would not have a steering wheel and pedals.” Instead, it would be designed for complete autonomy. While it is unclear whether Apple will be able to achieve this with its 2025 timeline, Morgan Stanley analysts say a car without a steering wheel or pedal “must be a shared service, not a car owned”.

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