A weapon probably not behind the sound associated with Havana Syndrome: USA

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If you are at all familiar with the so-called Havana syndrome — the mysterious part neural disorders influencing the growing number of American diplomats working abroad – you’re probably familiar with some of them wild speculation around a potential source of disease. At least for now, we can remove microwave weapons from the list of potential suspects, according to the internal State Department. scientific review that was it acquired by BuzzFeed News.

The report was completed in 2018 by JASON, a a shadow science advisory group working with multiple branches of government, including the Pentagon, which has become increasingly concerned about a mysterious disease that affects members in its ranks. The agency has recently joined some working groups investigating potential links between nausea, headaches and dizziness. that the diplomats felt with a potential microwave weapon. And after years of experts in this field who pointed out how scientifically and logistically impossible such a weapon would be, the Fed’s advisory board seems to agree.

“No likely single energy source (neither radio / microwave nor sound) can produce both recorded audio / video signals i reported medical effects, ”the JASON report said. “We believe the sounds were recorded of mechanical or biological origin, not electronic.”

Their best guess for the sound that officials tied to some attack by a foreign power? Crickets. In particular, the Indian short-tailed cricket, according to a JASON report. As for the reasons why mass cricket calls can cause dizziness and nausea among diplomats, the report reduces it to “psychogenic” effects. In other words, although the neurological effects may be real, their source is psychological.

To reach their conclusion, JASON researchers compared footage of mobile phones taken by a patient with Havana syndrome — along with eight additional recordings of audio incidents that preceded Havana syndrome cases — and compared the sounds they heard with footage of various insects. This is not even the first time that people have been able to identify these sounds as distinctly similar to a cricket; in 2019, two researchers working on footage donated by the Associated Press came to the same conclusion.

Meanwhile, JASON’s report excludes weapons based on microwave or ultrasound technology as potential culprits because … the sounds did not match the frequencies that any of these tools would produce.

Of course, this report was written in 2018 and that clearly did not stop senior US officials have not thrown out the microwave theory for years. But the sooner we accept how unworkable these weapons are, the sooner we can invest more resources in helping the victims they deserve.

Correction: The previous title stated that crickets are a likely source of the syndrome, which is not true. Crickets are the source of the sound associated with the syndrome. Sorry for the mistake.

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