A new study reveals the biggest problems people face with Apple products in every state

Have you ever forgotten how to take a screenshot on an iPhone or Mac? Do your parents know how to back up their data? The study claims to reveal what Apple users are struggling with the most.

According to a Mackeeper study, it shows guides that U.S. citizens rely on to help with their iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

For example, Apple users as a whole don’t know how to back up their iPhone data. Users from 32 countries had “how to back up your iPhone” as the most sought-after guide or instructional guide on YouTube. IPhone owners in Illinois have asked for help with this on YouTube as many as 9,900 times. In case you doubt how to do it, 9to5Mac helps you here.

On the other hand, tasks that seem simple are also a problem for Californians, Georgians and Floridans, who are struggling to unlock their iPhones. Californians have asked “How to unlock an iPhone?” 40,500 times. Apple users from 15 other countries also have the same problem.

Apple users are also looking for “how to capture a screen” (18,100 searches from California), “how to capture a screenshot” (2,900 from Virginia) and “how to reset” their iPhone (8,100 searches from Florida).

When it comes to the iPad, Apple users seem really confused across the US about how to capture a screen with a company tablet.

The most sought-after phrase in all 50 U.S. states was ‘how to record screens on an iPad’. 6,600 searches related to this issue in Texas, 5,400 in New York and 4,400 in Florida. Obviously, it’s a tricky thing.

For MacBook users, how to take a screenshot and how to share a screen were the two main questions Apple users asked Google, as you can see in the image below.

Click here to learn more about the study and what the most common problem is in your state.

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