A new review query in Apple podcasts that increases its rating in the App Store

Beginning in September, Apple quietly began allowing users to leave reviews for their apps on the App Store. Almost all Apple apps have been bombarded with negative reviews and poor ratings. However, the Apple Podcasts app, which had a terribly low rating of 1.8 stars, suddenly dropped to 4.6 stars in just over a month.

Has Apple listened to everyone’s feedback and updated the app for your listening pleasure? Did that, in turn, cause users to rush to the App Store and leave great reviews for the app? Unfortunately, this is not the case here. Self-proclaimed “professional App Store critic” Costa Eleftheriou, who first spotted a mysterious jump in Apple Podcasts star ratings, noted that no real fixes had been made.

It should be noted that Apple Podcasts now boasts a 4.6-star rating with more than 18,000 ratings. It is a huge jump with only 1.8 stars collected from approximately 1,000 ratings in early October.

What could have led to this mysterious flood of positivity towards an app that was generally hated just a month ago? You can see a lot of recent positive reviews, but what’s funny is, they don’t apply to the app itself. Five-star reviews praise the podcasts themselves. While, if you look at the one-star reviews, most of them relate to the Apple Podcasts app.

An Apple spokesman said The Verge, “With iOS 15.1 released last month, Apple Podcasts began inviting listeners to leave a rating and review just like most third-party apps – using the standard rating and review query available to all developers.”

Asking a review query seems to be a source of confusion. Perhaps the query appears at the end of the podcast, which could explain the criticism directed at the content of the podcast. However, other podcast apps in the App Store don’t seem to have a problem.

Do you think Apple Podcasts inflates its ratings by misleading users with Trojans preview queries? Let us know in the comments.

[Via The Verge]

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