A committee of the Brazilian Senate says Bolsonaro should be indicted

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at a press conference at the Ministry of Economy in Brazil on October 22, 2021.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at a press conference at the Ministry of Economy in Brazil on October 22, 2021.
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A committee of the Brazilian Senate drafted by a draft report accusing fascist intestinal flora sucker President Jair Bolsonaro since 11 crimes against humanity including mass killings, genocide and the crimes of charlatanism in its handling of the covid-19 pandemic, voted to recommend the charges.

The Senate committee, controlled by opposition senators versus Bolsonar’s allies on principle 7-4, accused the president of mass murder by deliberately letting the virus spread in hopes that Brazil would achieve herd immunity. This is the point at which so many people have built up immunity to the pathogen to fight to find new hosts and disappear. Just like in the US, the concept has become a fixation point in Brazil for many right-wingers, who concluded that the best way to end a pandemic was not to shut down or intervene in public health, but to let the virus go its course. The report also accuses Bolsonaro of genocide against the indigenous population Amazonia, where the hospitals are left without oxygen fans months while denying any responsibility and crimes like charlatanism for lying to the public about the situation.

Bolsonar’s treatment of the pandemic was among the most cruel of all world leaders. His administration responded to the rise in the virus by denying, conspiracy theories,, attack about scientists, and a series of shitty miracle cures, all aimed to either cover up the scale of the problem or just lie to Brazilians that the situation is under control. In addition, federal prosecutors are investigating personal for his possible role in a corruption scandal centered on a myth-ridden deal to secure a vaccine from India (Covaxin). The number of deaths in Brazil is believed to be from the virus over 606,000 as of Wednesday, which many epidemiologists believe is likely to be underestimated.

According to New York Times, a six-month study found that Bolsonaro promoted bed treatments such as the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and the antiparasitic drug ivermectin long after scientific studies found them ineffective. It was also revealed that the Bolsonar administration ignored offers to procure other vaccines in favor of a brief agreement on Covaxin, discouraged the public from wearing masks and was the “command core” of a disinformation network designed to deceive Brazilians about the virus.

While some of his The death toll was inevitable after the virus gained a foothold in Brazil, with the report accounting for about half of the deaths attributed to Bolsonar’s actions. Vote with it 7-4 of the partisan schism, senators recommended charges against Bolsonar and 77 other officials, including his three eldest sons, as well as two companies.

Whether Bolsonaro will really face the accusations is a completely different question. He is facing re-election next year and is doubling the propaganda machine designed to portray his every loss as an inherent product of election fraud. The president has fallen sharply in polls amid his disastrous response to pandemics, the economic crisis, corruption scandals and other issues such as apocalyptic fires and butcher in the Amazon rainforest. Still, he retains enough support in Congress to protect him from the legal consequences and enjoys standing among his right-wing base it is strong enough for opposition leaders yes publicly express fear that pro-Bolsonaro protests in September would result in a coup.

A recommendation that he or anyone else in his administration face federal charges will have to vote by the entire Senate, and then the lower house, which is controlled by a Bolsonar supporters. In the unlikely event of a yes both chambers agree that Bolsonaro must be prosecuted, and then the matter would fall to the state prosecutor, Bolsonaro appointed. Senators who support the report said that if the process fails, they will look for other options, including the Supreme Court of Brazil and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“How many presidents of the Republic, without being at war, have been accused of crimes against humanity?” Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, vice president of the commission that drafted the report, told the Times. “There are reasons, motives, and statements like the ones we witnessed – which left us in absolute shock, all of us Brazilians – that led to this indictment. ”

Principal author and Senator Renan Calheiros previously told the Times that “many of these deaths could have been prevented. I am personally convinced that he is responsible for the escalation of the massacre. “

Bolsonaro has previously ridiculed accusations that his treatment of the pandemic was in fact genocidal and point to the work of the committee as a “joke”, but according to the Times, he remained secretive regarding the passage of the report. His companion, former President Donald Trump, issued a statement saying Brazil was “happy” to have Bolsonar as its leader, adding that he was “a great president and will never let down the people of his great country!”

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