9to5Mac Don’t Gift Guide: Opscure Apple products are sure to get a reaction from your loved ones

There are many people who write gift guides for the best Apple products to buy this holiday season. But no one recommends these gems. We’ve put together a list of some lesser-known Apple products that will really change the life of the loved one you’re giving them away to. Without further ado, let’s dive.

Apple Pencil Tips $ 19.00

Number one on our list is a set of 4 Apple Pencil tips, compatible with both the original and the second generation of models. If you know someone who often breaks the top of the Apple Pencil because they break it through the iPad, this is a great gift. The package of 4 pieces costs 19 USD and you can be sure of their quality because it is very clear on the list of products that they are “Made by Apple”.

5W power adapter $ 19.00

Do you know someone who is always looking for an iPhone charger? Get them the best $ 19 you can buy, Apple’s 5W USB-A power adapter. For the same $ 19, Apple also sells 12W and 20W adapters, but they charge too fast for most people. Even better if they just got a new iPhone, the included USB-C cable is not compatible. Therefore, be sure to plug the USB-A into the Lightning cable.

Link bracelet kit $ 49.00

If you or a friend with an Apple Watch drool over Apple’s beautiful and expensive link bracelet, get them an Apple replacement package of 6. They all connect to Apple’s advanced connectors that don’t require tools, so you’ll live in the future. The kit is available in two colors and in two sizes, so there are many options to choose from. They are all priced at $ 49. Why buy an entire Sport Band for $ 49 when you can buy multiple links at the same price?

Mac Pro Wheels Kit | $ 699.00

Ready for an Apple Car? Get in on the action early with Apple’s Mac Pro wheel kit. Don’t say that Apple hasn’t already delivered some products in the mobility category, as this is their first foray. For a cool $ 699, you can get your hands on 4 stainless steel wheels designed by Apple. The kit comes with two small bonuses, an installation guide for the growing mechanic, and a hexagonal bit from 1/4 inch to 4 mm.

Mac Pro Foot Kit $ 299.00

The gorgeous Mac Pro stainless steel feet are generously available in a 4-piece pack on the Apple Store website. If you know someone who has somehow broken their legs on their Mac Pro or ordered their tower from the start with wheels, this is a great gift.

Does your loved one balance Pro Display XDR on some books? Are you afraid they will fall and kill them? Then you have to get them a Pro stand. For $ 999 you can get a spectacularly beautiful magnetic aluminum stand for the Pro Display XDR.

Apple Afterburner Card $ 2000.00

Apple’s subsequent $ 2,000 card for the Mac Pro 2019 is made for a very small group of people. But here’s the secret, it’s a great gift for everyone. The afterburner card provides a huge improvement in performance for anyone working on video. This will make mom’s dog video export almost instantaneous. You can download Afterburner on the Apple Store website.

Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter $ 49.00

You know someone trying to keep their highly coveted 2013 Mac Pro trash can? Then the Mac Pro is a security lock adapter for them. You will also need to take the Kensington lock with the adapter if you don’t already have one.

Thunderbolt 3 cable | $ 129.00

Apple’s white $ 39 thunderbolt 3 cable doesn’t suit you? Then look at Apple’s black $ 129 thunderbolt 3 cable. It is great for connecting devices together or charging them using a USB-C power cube.

Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter $ 17.50

Did you like the Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter up to 3.5mm? Then the Lightning to micro USB adapter is for you. It’s great for charging your lighting devices with old micro USB cables lying around the house.


Please do not buy any of these products for ANYONE. And in case you know anyone with a Mac Pro, ask them first before you get any of the above CRAZY overpriced accessories.

If you’re completely ready to get an obscure Apple accessory for your friend or family member, get them an Apple polishing cloth. That’s if you can get your hands on one. They have been sold out at Apple for weeks.

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