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Today, most smartphones are used to stream content and watch YouTube videos. Speaking of YouTube, the controls in its app can sometimes be awkward as you reach out with one hand. Fortunately, the YouTube app now comes with some handy motion controls. If you want to make your video viewing experience easier and better, here are a few YouTube moves you should try.

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YouTube moves on Android and iOS

YouTube gestures are available in the YouTube app for iOS and Android. This does not work on YouTube for mobile, except for one gesture. Read on to find out the details here.

Double-tap to skip forward / backward

This is probably the most common gesture on YouTube and everyone already knows it. As we know, YouTube offers on-screen play / pause buttons, next / previous, but no button to skip the video a little forward or backward?

This double touch gesture comes in handy. You can simply double-tap the left or right side of the screen with one finger to skip the video 10 seconds back or forth. YouTube will show arrows that indicate this.

Swipe down to zoom out or exit full screen mode

This gesture is quite new than the double-touch gesture. So when you’re watching a video and want to preview other videos, you can simply swipe down to minimize it and start browsing. The video will continue to play in the thumbnail at the bottom of the screen, and you can tap or drag it up to return at any time.

Moreover, if you play the video in full screen, you can also use this gesture. So you don’t have to close the video and just swipe down to return to the previous screen. You can also tap the zoom out button to exit full screen mode, but this movement is handy.

Swipe up for related full-screen videos

This is another useful YouTube gesture for those who watch videos in full screen and don’t want to minimize it to check related and recommended videos. In that case, you can just swipe up in full screen.

This will display a translucent layer of related videos while the video you are playing continues to play in the background. You can tap any of the linked videos to play it instead. You can just swipe down to close this suggestion layer.

Two fingers Double-tap to skip a chapter

YouTube has introduced video chapters for long videos to divide them into sections. These chapters are highlighted on the search bar and you can jump to them directly. However, you can skip them with a new movement.

To use this gesture, double-tap two fingers on the left or right side of the screen. This will skip the video to the next or previous chapter. You will also see the forward / backward arrows and the chapter title on the screen.

Swipe right / left to skip between videos

If you watch videos with the entire playlist, you can use this movement to skip videos. You can swipe right to go to the next video, and swipe left to go back to the previous video.

Pinch-to-Zoom to fill the screen

Smartphones these days don’t have the same aspect ratio as YouTube videos. You may have noticed black bars on the sides of the video as you watch in full screen. But you can fix it with a simple movement – your finger to zoom.

For this gesture to work, you will need to squeeze two fingers to zoom in on the full screen video.

When you do this with your fingers, the video will now play in full screen. However, you should know that this will cut off some of the top and bottom of the video.

Swipe to skip the video

You used to be able to tap anywhere in the YouTube video search bar to go to that section, but YouTube removed that option after accidental touch complaints. This is now being replaced by a gesture.

When playing a video, just tap and hold your finger on the screen, then you can swipe from left to right to skip the video anywhere.

You can keep pressing your finger on the screen and a small box will show you an overview of the part where you jump through your finger. You can then lift your finger from the screen to start playing that part of the video.

These YouTube gestures are very simple and easy to use and there is a possibility that you have not tried everything. Therefore, we hope that these movements will improve your viewing experience.

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