7 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Problem ‘Backup Could Not Complete’ on iPhone

Did you face this problem while backing up your WhatsApp on your iPhone? Well, there can be many reasons for this, such as an iCloud storage problem or a corrupted last backup. However, you can try some fixes to fix all of these issues on your iPhone. So, without further ado, let’s start with ways to fix the “can’t complete backup” error in WhatsApp on iPhone.

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Fix the inability to complete WhatsApp backup on iPhone

So, if your WhatsApp backup is stuck on your iPhone, here are possible fixes you can try, and we’ll also discuss some other tips to help you complete the backup.

Restart the phone

Sometimes restarting your iPhone fixes most unknown bugs and errors. So, whenever your WhatsApp backup gets stuck in the middle, try restarting your iPhone by pressing the volume down key and the power button at the same time.

When the phone restarts, open WhatsApp and try to back it up again. If this does not resolve the issue, you can move on to the following.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one such application that is updated from time to time with new features. Sometimes these software updates for his iOS and Android apps only include some bug fixes, so every update is important, and a WhatsApp backup also can’t be completed due to some bug that can be fixed by the update.

Open the App Store on your device and go to the upcoming updates section and update the app to the latest version before backing it up.

Check your network

As you may already know, WhatsApp backups are generally large in size as they include photos and videos from your conversations. So, for a successful backup, you need a stable and fast network connection. Before backing up, make sure you are connected to a high-speed WiFi or mobile network.

Reset the network settings

Sometimes resetting network settings can also solve network-related problems on any iPhone as it returns all settings to the default values. So when your WhatsApp backup gets stuck in the middle, you can try resetting the network settings on your iPhone, here’s how.

1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.

2. Go to General and tap iPhone Transfer or Reset.

3. On the next page, tap Reset.

4. Now tap Reset Network Settings.

Enter the password and your network settings will be reset.

Exclude large videos from backup

If the backup is not yet complete, you can try reducing it. Because most of us receive a lot of media on WhatsApp which increases the size of the backup. WhatsApp gives us the option to exclude videos from backup. Here’s how to do it on your phone:

1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

2. Go to Settings and tap Chat.

3. Now select Chat Backup and disable the switch next to turning on the video.

That’s it, now only photos and texts will be backed up and this could help you.

Check out iCloud Storage

Apple offers the iCloud backup option for WhatsApp on the iPhone. Because Apple only offers 5GB of free storage for iPhone users to back up their data, the storage problem may be a prominent reason for the backup downtime. So you can check if you are missing iCloud storage to back up WhatsApp.

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.

2. Now tap your profile name at the top.

3. Then select iCloud and you will see the remaining iCloud storage.

So if it’s smaller than the size of WhatsApp’s backup, you can’t complete the backup unless you clear part of the storage or buy an iCloud + plan from Apple.

Delete the previous iCloud backup

Sometimes there is already an old backup that you may have created on iCloud and which is an error, then you can delete this existing backup to back up your WhatsApp again. Here’s how to delete an old backup from iCloud:

1. Open the Settings app on iPhone and tap your Profile.

2. Now tap iCloud and on the next page tap Manage storage.

3. Select Backups, and then tap the device name.

4. On the next page, click on WhatsApp from the list of applications and disable the switch.

5. In the pop-up window, select “Disable and delete”.

That’s it. This will delete your previous WhatsApp backup, however, you will need to re-enable WhatsApp to restart your backup.

Now reopen WhatsApp and go to Settings and select Chat and then Chat backup to restart the backup process. We hope this solves your problem.

So these were fixes for WhatsApp could not complete the backup problem on the iPhone. For more iOS tips and tricks, stay with us!

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