7 best tips and tricks for editing videos in Google Photos on your mobile phone

  • Video: Crop, mute, stabilize, and export frames as image files.
  • Cut: Trimming, rotating and horizontal adjustment.
  • Set: Brightness, contrast, white dot, warmth, skin color, etc.
  • Filters: Apply Google Photos filters to your videos.
  • More: A marker for drawing or writing on your videos.

Shorten your videos

If you want to change the length of the video or shorten it. Here’s what you can do:

1. Open this video in Google Photos and tap the edit icon below it.

2. You will now see the “Video” option from the menu below.

3. Here you will see all the frames of the video in the bar. You can only adjust the slider on the left and right to shorten the length of the video.

Finally, tap “Save a copy” to save the cropped video.

Export images from video

As you can see in the screenshots above, there is an option called “Export Frame” below the timeline of the video frame. If you want to extract a photo from your video, this option can help. Here’s how:

1. Open Google Photos and select the video you want to export the image from.

2. Touch the edit icon and you will see “Export frames” on the first page.

3. Touch it and Google will bring up the box that is currently on your screen and save it to your phone.

If you want to export another frame or image, just play the video and pause it where you want to capture the image.

Stabilize videos

If your phone doesn’t have OIS or EIS support in the camera, and you still don’t want your videos to be shaky, you can fix this problem in Google Photos. Here’s how to stabilize videos in Google Photos:

1. Open Google Photos and select the video you want to stabilize.

2. Touch the Edit button in the lower menu.

3. Now, on the first video option, you will see a stabilizer icon next to it.

4. Touch it and Google automatically stabilizes the video.

You can tap “Save Copy” to save the stabilized video.

Cut or rotate your videos

If you want to cut some parts from the video or rotate it to change the orientation, you can do the same as for the images. Google Photo Video Editor also has a crop tool. Here’s how to cut or rotate a video:

1. Open Google Photos and select your video.

2. Touch the edit button, then select Cut from the menu below, next to Video.

3. You can now crop the video to your needs or by selecting a specific aspect ratio.

Also, if you want to rotate it, just tap the rotate icon.

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Adjust brightness and other settings

If you want to adjust the brightness and other things like contrast, skin tone, warmth in your video, you can also do so in Google Photos. Know the steps below:

1. Open Google Photos and select a video.

2. Now open the editor menu and tap Customize in the menu below.

3. This menu has all the functions you can adjust, including brightness, contrast, white dots, black dots, saturation, warmth, skin tone and blue tone, etc.

4. Tap at any time and adjust on the given bar, then tap Done.

Apply filters to your videos

You can also apply filters to your videos if you don’t like the original lighting. Here’s how to go to the Google Photos filter:

1. Open Google Photos and select your video.

2. Now open the video editor and format the lower menu, tap “Filter”.

3. Here, from the various filters available, select one of your flavors and apply it to your video.

You can then save a copy of the original video with this filter. Filters available in Google Photos are Vivid, West, Metro, Blush and Black & White effects, etc.

Draw or write on your videos

Last but not least, you can draw or write over your video using Google Photo Editor. Just like in the pictures, you can use a pencil or a marker and draw tool in the video.

1. Open Google Photos, then select a video.

2. Simply click the Edit icon below and select Markup from the menu.

3. Now select Pen or Marker and the desired color.

That’s it, now make some drawings on your video. Unfortunately, anything you write or draw on your video will apply to the entire video.

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