6 best tips and tricks for Google Lens, hidden features you need to know

We all know what a search engine is, BUT do you know Google has also developed a search engine for the physical world? Yes, you read that right. Let me introduce you to this digital magician known as ‘Google Lens’. This application uses artificial intelligence to identify objects and display relevant information about them. Today I will talk about the best tips and tricks for this app that will make you feel like you have a digital wand in your hand.

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The best tips and tricks for Google Lens

This app is available for Android and iOS platforms in case you haven’t downloaded it yet. Let’s start exploring the best of this app.

Translate text from the real world

The Lens app offers you the ability to translate text in real time. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Lens app.
  • Touch ‘Search the camera ‘.
  • Point the phone camera at the text you want to translate.
  • Select the language you want to translate the text to and tap the Save button.

Your captured image will be converted in the selected language immediately.

Copy and listen to the text directly

With the lens app, you can listen directly to text captured as an image and copy text to use anywhere.

  • Open the Lens app.
  • Touch ‘Text‘below the record button.
  • Touch ‘Record to enable the Lens application to recognize text.
  • Long tapping to select the text on the screen.
  • Touch ‘Listen ‘. The Lens application will speak the selected text.
  • Touch ‘Copy text ‘ to copy the selected text to the image.

Search and buy a product online

Google Lens gives you the ability to scan any product / QR code and search the web so you can easily buy it.

  • Open the Lens app and tap Search the camera.
  • Drag and select Shopping tab.
  • Capture the product you want to scan and buy online.
  • Touch ‘Google Search‘to find products online.

You can now order a scanned product from your favorite e-commerce website from the results below.

Let Google Lens do your homework

Can’t figure out how to solve that math problem? Don’t worry, Lance is your back.

  • Open the Lens app.
  • Touch Search the camera.
  • Swipe right to select Homework tab.
  • Point camera according to the homework you want to solve and tap the capture button.
  • Drag slider up in the search results to know about the answer.

Access and review the restaurant rating

With the help of a Google lens, you can scan a restaurant to find out about the ratings of the place and the reviews associated with it. Follow these simple steps to do this:

  • Open the Lens app and tap ‘Search the camera ‘
  • Swipe right to ‘Dining‘Mark and note the restaurant you want to find reviews about. You can also record and scan any dish you want to know about.

Use Google Lens to identify animals, plants and specific objects.

Google Lens uses its artificial intelligence to detect and identify the presence of certain objects, such as plants, animals, and other predefined things. To do this, open the Lens application and select Search Tab. Aim the camera at the subject and touch the shot.


So, these are the best Google Lens tips and tricks you can use to get the best out of the app. If you like this article and find it really interesting, share it with your friends and make their digital life easier. Don’t forget to press the “Like” button and stay up to date with more articles like this.

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