5 ways to block pop-up notifications, full-screen ads on your Android phone

Ads are the most common thing you can find online. These ad impressions are not limited to your system, but are widespread. Ads such as full-screen ads or pop-ups interfere with your browsing experience and make it worse for smartphone users. In this article, you will learn 5 simple methods to block pop-up notifications and full-screen ads on your Android device.

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Block pop-up notifications and full-screen ads on Android

Browse recently installed applications

Have you recently started experiencing these ads? This is probably due to the installation of some application you have unknowingly obtained permission. The best way to solve this is to do it review recently installed applications. Follow these steps to see a list of recently installed applications.

  • Touch Settings icon.
  • Scroll down to find Apps.
  • Touch Application management.
  • Review the list of installed applications and uninstall unnecessary applications.

Restrict apps using the “Show via another app” permission

You can restrict apps from moving ads to the screen with revoke permissions for “Show via another application” on the phone. This will ensure that the app will never be able to offer full screen ads or pop-ups. To achieve this, follow these simple steps.

  • Touch Settings icon.
  • Type in the search bar View over other applications.
  • Touch “Show via other apps”.
  • Browse applications that have permission as Allowed.
  • Disable application permissions for the application that provided your ads.

Remove personalized app suggestions

Some Android smartphones come with pre-installed apps that run personalized suggestions users in ad format. You can choose to disable these personalized ad stop suggestions. To do this, follow these simple steps

  • Find some pre-installed apps, such as Music, trade, security, themes, etc.
  • Open the app and tap Settings icon inside her.
  • Scroll down to find Privacy.
  • Turn it off Personalized recommendations.

Use a trusted application to block ads

Ad-Blocker is an application designed for block applications which place any type of ad on the smartphone. There are many trusted ad blocking apps available on Google Playstore apps, such as AdGuard, Brave, and many others. These ad blocking apps will scan your entire device. After scanning, this application will identify the applications that produce such ads and set limits to block them.

Turn off data before using offline applications / games

Many Android users have reported that their smartphone started running ads after installing a certain offline Android game from the Google Playstore. The Google Playstore is displayed according to its application policies ‘Contains ads’ below the title of the specified application or game.

The only way to prevent ads from appearing from such apps or games and to continue using them is to do so turn on airplane mode before running these applications. Cutting off data in this situation will block applications to download any ad from the Internet. Therefore, no ads will run during its use.


In this article, you learned ways to easily turn off ad display on your Android smartphone so that you can do your job efficiently on your phone without any interruptions. If this article helped you, click the Like button and share this with your colleagues to help them become more aware. Follow us for more articles like this.

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