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USB-C on modern Android phones can withstand higher power and higher transfer speeds, ideal for accessories like a microphone. If you’re someone who regularly records podcasts, YouTube videos, or voice conversations on your phone, a good USB-C microphone might be worth buying. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best USB-C microphones for Android phones on Amazon in India and Amazon in the US.

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The best USB-C microphones for Android phones

Most modern Android phones support OTG and can deliver enough of the power needed to run a USB microphone. Unlike regular USB microphones that require adapters on the go, USB-C microphones can be connected directly via the USB Type-C port.

However, it may not work with stock apps on your phone. You may need to use third-party applications, such as Dolby On, Open Camera, Cinema FV-5, FiLMiC Pro, etc. to record sound using a USB-C microphone.

Below are some of the best USB-C microphones you can use with your Android phone.

1. AKG Lyra USB-C condenser microphone

AKG Lyra- Best USB-C microphones for Android phones

The AKG Lyra is a USB-C condenser microphone that works well with Android phones. It has a range of four multi-sample capsules and offers different ways to record sound such as front, front + rear, narrow stereo and wide stereo sound. You can use both based on the use case.

The microphone records high-quality 24-bit / 192kHz sound, making it ideal for recording podcasts, YouTube, live streaming, video calling and more. In addition, it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack with zero latency for audio surveillance during recording.

The AKG Lyra is a simple plug-and-play microphone. You don’t need a special audio interface or software to play. In addition to Android, it also works with iOS, Windows and Mac devices. It also includes Ableton Live 10 Lite audio production software.

Key specifications:

  • Condenser microphone
  • Polar pattern: Multiple patterns (cardioid and omni combination)
  • Audio resolution: 24-bit / 192 kHz
  • Zero latency headset monitoring
  • Weight: 454 grams
  • Other specifications here

Price: .9 7,999 (India), $ 148 (USA)

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2. Boya BY-PM500 USB-C microphone

Boya BY-PM500- The best USB-C microphone for Android

The Boya BY-PM500 is a condenser microphone compatible with computers and most smartphones with USB Type-C ports. It comes with two selectable polar patterns – cardioid (directional capture from the front) and multidirectional (records sound from all directions).

You can record sound in 24 Bit / 48 kHz resolution. In addition, it has adjustable microphone amplification, delay-free monitoring via a 3.5 mm audio jack and a mute function.

It’s ideal for recording YouTube sound, podcasts, and even song vocals. The microphone comes with a desk stand, a USB cable Type-C to Type-C for mobile devices and a USB-A cable for computers.

Key specifications:

  • Condenser microphone
  • Polar pattern: cardioid / omnidirectional (optional)
  • Audio resolution: 24-bit / 48 kHz
  • Adjustable microphone gain
  • No-delay audio surveillance
  • Weight: 703 grams
  • Other specifications here

Price:, 4 5,495 (India), $ 69 (USA)

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3. Shure MV88 + video kit with condenser microphone

Shure MV88 + - The best USB-C microphone for Android

The Shure MV88 + is a complete recording equipment that comes with a condenser microphone. You also get a Manfrotto PIXI tripod with a phone clamp, a microphone clip on the bracket and USB-C & lightning cables, making it ready to record audio and video right out of the box.

To use it, mount the phone and connect the microphone via a USB-C cable. Using the setting, you can then do videography, self-recording, audio recording, interview or film recording. There’s also a built-in headphone output for real-time headphone monitoring.

It supports the classic mid-side stereo recording technique using cardioid and bidirectional stereo width adjustment capsules providing excellent mono capabilities.

Unfortunately, the MV88 + can’t work with phone calls, live streaming, or video conferencing apps on Android. Instead, you will need to use the ShurePlus MOTIV audio and video apps to record on supported Android devices. Check compatibility here.

Key specifications:

  • Condenser microphone
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Audio resolution: 24-bit / 48 kHz
  • Multiple bit depth and sampling rate options
  • Weight: 470 grams
  • Other specifications here

Price: , 560 23,560 (India), 249 USD (USA)

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4. Rode VideoMic Me-C USB-C microphone for Android

Rode VideoMic Me-C- The best USB-C microphone for Android

Rode VideoMic Me-C is a high-quality directional microphone for USB-C phones with Android 10 or later. It plugs directly into the connector without any cables and comes with a 3.5mm jack for audio surveillance and playback.

The microphone reduces background noise and focuses on your sound for clear sound quality. As for accessories, it comes with a microphone clip and a fur windshield for recording in outdoor and adverse weather conditions.

Rode VideoMic Me-C works seamlessly with the Rode Reporter app and other recording apps. All in all, it’s the ideal USB-C microphone for those who want to record podcasts or outdoor videos on their Android phones.

Key specifications:

  • Condenser microphone with pressure gradient
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Audio resolution: 24-bit / 44.1-48 kHz
  • Weight: 27 grams
  • Other specifications here

Price: ₹8,400 (India), $ 79 (US)

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5. Sennheiser XS Lav USB-C Lavilier microphone

The Sennheiser XS Lav is a lapel microphone that works with USB-C mobile phones and computers. It is an omnidirectional clip-on microphone and is suitable for vocals in interviews, roles and podcasts.

It provides a clear, natural sound – you can attach it to your shirt to capture more of your voice and less of your surroundings. To use it, connect it to your phone and it will start working. If this does not happen, you will need to use recording applications that support external microphones.

Overall, it’s a good lightweight USB-C mic that works to maintain clarity and eliminate background noise. However, don’t expect it to provide studio-quality sound – most lapel microphones don’t.

Key specifications:

  • Prepolarized condenser microphone
  • Polar pattern: omnidirectional
  • Audio resolution: 16-bit / up to 48 kHz
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Other specifications here

Price: ₹ 4.999 (India), 59.95 USD (USA)

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In addition to the USB-C microphone, you can also use ordinary USB microphones on your Android phone using the OTG adapter.

The above terms

  • Capacitor: Condenser microphones (or condenser microphones) have a high sensitivity and can pick up sensitive sounds. They are ideal for capturing vocals and high frequencies. The second type are dynamic microphones that are designed for a loud environment.
  • Polar pattern: Microphone orientation. It is the sensitivity of the microphone to sounds coming from different angles.
  • Cardioid: A microphone with a cardioid (or unidirectional) polar pattern is most sensitive to sound coming from the front.
  • All-round: The omnidirectional pattern microphone is designed to capture sound from all directions. The speaker can talk from either side of the microphone.

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Conclusion- The best USB-C microphone for Android

These were some of the best USB-C microphones to buy for Android phones in India and the US. Before you buy any microphone, make sure it is compatible with your device. Also check prices on other e-commerce platforms. If you have another microphone for a suggestion, let me know in the comments below. Follow us for more articles like this.

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