4K ProRes video recording Limited to iPhone 13 Pro models with 256 GB or more memory

With a puzzling move that is sure to cause a few eyebrows, Apple will limit support for 4K ProRes video recording on the iPhone 13 Pro series to models with 256 GB or more memory. This may be the first time that the OEM has limited the functionality of the camera on the device based on storage space.

Apple notes on the iPhone 13 Pro series specifications page that on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128GB of recording space, ProRes video will be limited to [email protected] On models with 256 GB or more memory, you will be able to record ProRes videos at 4K30fps.

ProRes videos will take up significantly more space than regular or Dolby HDR videos. They will give iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users more flexibility when editing. ProRes video recording will be available on the iPhone 13 Pro series in a future update for iOS 15.

In one way, it’s understandable why Apple limits ProRes video resolution on iPhone 13 Pro models to 128GB of storage.

Still, this is still a weird move and won’t appeal to many potential buyers of the iPhone 13 Pro, especially its Apple charges an extra $ 100 for a jump in stock.

The iPhone 13 Pro series features an updated three-camera system with a larger primary camera and 1.9um large pixels. The ultra-wide-angle camera is also brand new, with a wide aperture of f / 1.9 and macro capabilities. The telephoto sensor has also been updated and now offers 3x optical zoom. Other new features in the iPhone 13 series include night-mode support for all cameras, cinematic video recording, enhanced low-light images, photographic styles and more. You can also check out some of the best features of the iPhone 13 that must be purchased.

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