4 ways to remove your personal information from Google search

If you do a simple Google search about yourself, sometimes you’ll come across information you don’t want others to know about. This information may be about your salary, the places you have been, or you could even mention the bankruptcy you have faced. This can be annoying at times, but fortunately, you can control and remove it. In this article, you will learn how to remove your personal information from Google search. In addition, you can learn to make sure your Google search results are secure before you click.

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How to remove your personal information from Google search

Submit a request to Google to remove the information

Google Search displays information from across the web, consisting of thousands of web pages. If you wish to remove personal or inappropriate information about you or anyone else, you may submit a request directly to Google. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Access the Google Help Center on your browser.
  • Provide the necessary information for content removal.
  • Secure yours Contact details on Google.

  • Enter URL and context content you want to report and remove.

  • Click on Submit removal request button.

Make your social media accounts private

If you can find your profile and location on Google search, it’s probably because of your public availability placed on your social media accounts. These social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. provide all of your posts and related information to Google and other search engines if your profile is publicly open to viewers. To prevent this from happening, you must limit the visibility of your profile by making it private. Follow this easy 2 minute read to make your Facebook profile and posts private.

In addition, you can protect your Twitter account by enabling 5 privacy settings on Twitter.

Remove / hide comments and reviews of the website

If you’re someone who gives a lot of reviews and comments on a website, trust me you’ll most likely find yourself in Google search results. To prevent this from happening, you must delete these comments and reviews to remain anonymous. You can contact a connected website administrator by looking for contact details using online services such as ICANN Lookup, WHOIS, and then asking them to delete / hide it. Follow these simple steps to learn more.

  • Open ICANN Lookup in your web browser.
  • Enter domain name whose contact information is required.

  • Scroll down to learn more about contact details.
  • Ask them to delete / hide related data.

Prevent Google from collecting your personal information

Anyone who knows about your Google Account can easily dive deeper to find out an ocean of information about you. Google also uses your search history and location to serve you relevant ads from time to time. However, Google offers you the option to disable activity tracking for your account. Follow these simple steps to prevent Google from reading your personal activity information.

  • Scroll down to locate History settings.
  • Turn it off web and app activities, location history, and YouTube history.

Wrapping Up

In this article, you learned 4 ways to remove your personal information from Google search. If this article helped you, press the like button and share this with your friends to help them stay safe in this digital world. As always, stay with us for more articles like this.

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