3 ways to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, iPhone

If you want to schedule WhatsApp messages, there is no built-in function in the application, neither on Android nor on iOS. However, there are several ways you can schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, such as using a third-party app. You can also use Apple’s Shortcuts app on iPhone to do so. Read on to learn more about all these methods!

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Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, iPhone

Since you can’t use the scheduling feature in the main WhatsApp app, you can opt for a third-party app on Android to do so. In addition, WhatsApp Business has a similar feature that allows you to schedule messages for your senders.

Use WhatsApp Business

You can use another WhatsApp application, WhatsApp Business to schedule messages. The WhatsApp Business Guest feature can be used to schedule messages. Read our guide to setting up WhatsApp Business on your phone.

Here’s how to set up a message that can be sent at a specific time:

1. Download and install WhatsApp Business on your phone.

2. Register with your number and set up your profile.

3. Now open the app and go to Settings by tapping the three-point menu.

4. In the settings, select Business Tools.

5. Tap “Message Offline” here under Messages.

6. Turn on the Send Message switch at the top.

7. After that, write your message by tapping the pen icon next to Message absent.

8. Touch Schedule and set the time either according to the given options or by touching Custom.

9. Finally, tap Recipients to add people to whom you want to send scheduled messages.

When all this is set, tap Save in the upper right corner and that’s it.

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Use Siri shortcuts on iPhone

Apple’s Shortcuts app allows you to do many things automatically, and one of them is scheduling messages in various apps like WhatsApp. Here’s how to schedule your message using automation in the Shortcuts app on iPhone.

1. Go to the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. Download it, if it’s not already there.

2. Now select the Automation tab from the bottom.

3. Tap the + icon in the upper right corner, then tap “Create Personal Automation”.

4. Now select the time and day of the week to send the message by tapping “Time of Day”.

5. Select the time of sunrise, sunset or custom time and day of the week here.

6. Touch Next, then select “Add Action”.

7. Select Send a message via WhatsApp from the suggestions given on the next page. Or you can also search WhatsApp from the search bar below.

8. Now tap the + icon next to Send Message, then on the next page tap “Message” to write your message and tap “Recipients” to add recipients.

9. Tap Next again, then tap Done.

That’s it, now your message will be sent automatically at the specified time. You can also edit this message or time later at any time.

Use a third-party application

For Android, there is another way to schedule WhatsApp messages, and that is a third-party application called SKEDit. It is available for free on the GPlay Store and comes with a lot of features for scheduling messages, calls, SMS and even posting on Facebook. Here’s how to use this:

1. Download the SKEDit app to your Android phone from the Play Store.

2. Open it and log in with your account to use all applications.

3. Now tap the + icon in the bottom corner and select WhatsApp from the list of apps here.

4. Now give the app permission to access.

5. Go to the application again and select the WhatsApp contact.

6. Enter your message in the field provided and set the time to send the message.

5. You can also enable the “Ask me before sending” option so that the app will notify you before sending a message.

That’s it, your message is now scheduled.

So, these were the best ways to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android or iPhone. For more such technical tips and tricks, stay with us!

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