3 ways to create a desktop shortcut for files, Google Drive folders on your Mac or Windows PC

People use Google Drive to host files to keep backups or share them with others. In addition, files from Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Slides are automatically saved to Drive. For users who work with these files on Disk on a daily basis, creating desktop shortcuts can be a convenient way to access them more quickly. However, there is no direct option to add a shortcut to the Home screen in Drive. Anyway, we have some solutions for creating desktop shortcuts for Google Drive files and folders on Mac and Windows PC. Read on.

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Create a desktop shortcut to a Google Drive file or folder on your Mac or Windows PC

Method 1 – Drag the disk file or folder URL to the desktop

The easiest way to create quick shortcuts to folders or files on Disk on the desktop is to drag the URL to the desktop. It works easily on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and most other browsers.

  1. Launch your web browser and go to
  2. Navigate to the Google Drive file or folder for which you want to create a shortcut.
  3. Resize the browser window so that the browser and desktop are visible on the same screen.
  4. Click on lock icon next to the full URL of the website.Create a desktop shortcut for Google Drive file folders on your Mac or Windows PC
  5. Hold left click and drag the URL to the desktop.Google Drive file shortcut on your desktop

Dropping the URL to the desktop will create a shortcut. You can now rename it based on a file or folder. Clicking on the shortcut will take you directly to the specified Google Drive file or folder.

Method 2 – Create a Google Drive shortcut using Chrome apps

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Windows computer.
  2. Enter and enter chrome: // apps in the URL bar OR click Apps bookmarks bar icon.
  3. When the page loads, right-click on Google Drive and select Create shortcuts.Create a Google Drive shortcut on the Home screen
  4. Choose whether you want the Drive shortcut only on the desktop or in the Start menu.
  5. Finally, click on Create.A shortcut on the Google Drive home screen on your computer

This will create a shortcut to the Google Drive homepage on your computer’s desktop.

Method 3 – Use the Google Drive desktop application

Google Drive has a desktop client that lets you sync your files across all of your devices. After you install Google Drive on your PC, it will create a dedicated file stream in which you can work with your folders and files on Drive.

These files will always be synced to the cloud to have their latest version on another device. It also means you can access the entire Google Drive directly in your file browser or from your desktop. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download and install the Google Drive desktop app from the official website.
  2. During setup, sign in to your Google Account when prompted.
  3. It will now automatically create shortcuts for Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Slides on your desktop. You can use them to open the file system on disk or any of the Google Docs.
  4. To create shortcuts for specific files or folders on the desktop, open the file stream on Disk, right-click on a file or folder.
  5. Click on Send > Desktop (create shortcut).Google Drive File Folders Documents Desktop Shortcuts

That’s it. You now have shortcuts to the full Google Drive, Google Drive documents such as Tables and Documents, and any other specific files or folders on the drive on your computer screen.

Bonus- Add a Drive shortcut to your phone’s home screen

Adding a Google Drive shortcut to your home screen on iPhone or Android is much easier than on a desktop. All you have to do is open the Drive app and go to the file or folder you want to place on the home screen.

Touch three points for a file or folder and click Add to home screen. A shortcut for a file or folder will be added to the home screen of your Android phone. For detailed instructions, see our guide to adding a Google Drive file / folder shortcut to your Android home screen.

On iPhone, you can open the Drive file link in Safari and Add to home screen using the option in the sharing menu.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how you can create a desktop shortcut for Google Drive files or folders on your Mac or Windows PC. I hope the steps are simple and easy to understand. By the way, which of the above methods do you consider the most appropriate? Let me know in the comments below. Stay with us for more.

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