2 ways to rotate your image or wallpaper in Microsoft teams

If you are a user of Microsoft Teams, you must have encountered a very strange problem, while using the image as a background, to make the image look the other way around. Because of this, you may have been scratching quite often. Don’t worry, today I’m going to share 2 ways to rotate your image or wallpaper in Microsoft teams. Let’s get started.

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Rotate yourself or the background image in Microsoft teams

Although Microsoft does not offer the option to flip the image within the Teams application, which would be a better solution for it. There is a way to flip yourself or the background image for your Microsoft Teams call.

Turn the background image into Microsoft Teams

One easy and simple way to fix an inverted background image in Microsoft Teams is to rotate the image before setting it up to upload to teams. You can rotate an image using any software, even the default photo application on a Windows computer. Here’s how to do it.

Now start Microsoft Teams on your computer, start a meeting or join it. Go background filters, and upload the image you just flipped. You can also apply an image as a background after you join a meeting.

Note: If you want to show an image with text printed on it. Then do not rotate the image, as the text will appear right to you, but will appear inverted to the person on the other side.

Your View
Another person’s gaze

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Contact Microsoft Teams

if you want to turn around during a Microsoft Teams meeting, then you need to download a third-party webcam tool. One such tool is Cyberlink YouCam, you need to download and set up YouCam using the link below.

Download YouCam (30-day free trial)

After you set up YouCam, on your computer, follow these steps to turn to the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Note: If you rotate yourself, you will not rotate the background image. The background image will still look inverted (in your preview window), but will appear correctly to the person on the other side, on their screen.

Wrapping Up

So, these are 2 ways you can flip yourself or even flip the background in Microsoft teams. Keep in mind that your preview windows are copied images, as they will appear inverted, but the person (s) on the other side will be able to see it correctly on their screens, so don’t try to rotate any image with text on your side. . Because if you do, the text will look facing the other person (s) in the meeting.

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