2 ways to find a lost or stolen iPhone even when it’s turned off

If you’re an iPhone user, you may already know about the “Find My” app, which helps you locate lost or stolen devices. With the update for iOS 15, Apple has added more usability to this app. You can now find the device even if it is completely offline. So in case your iPhone’s battery runs out and you forget it, you still have a chance to find it. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of locating a stolen iPhone when it is turned off.

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Find the stolen iPhone when it is turned off

Previously, an app could only locate a device when it was turned on, or find the location where it was last online. But with the new features, Apple will add lost device tracking functionality even when they’re offline.

Supported devices

First, let’s find out which iPhones support these latest iOS 15 features. You can find the iPhone even if it is offline if you use one of the following models:

  • All iPhone 13 and i series models
  • iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 series.

The best way to find out if a feature is supported on your iPhone is when you turn off your phone, you’ll see “iPhone that can be found after turning off“Under the power slider.

Enable the Find My iPhone feature

If you’re just getting started with iPhone or haven’t set up the Find My app yet, here’s how to get started:

1. Go to “Settings” and tap your name at the top.

2. Now tap “Find My” in the next menu, and tap “Find My iPhone” on the next page.

3. Now enable the switch next to “Find my iPhone”.

4. With iOS 15, here you will see two more options-

i) Find my network- so you can find your iPhone even if it’s offline, and

ii) Send last location – to send the last location of your iPhone to your Apple account when the battery is critical.

5. Touch the switches next to these options to turn them on.

And that’s all for Find My features in iOS 15. Once you’ve enabled them, one day, unfortunately, if you can’t find your iPhone, you can track it either using the Find My app or iCloud.

How to locate a lost iPhone?

If you forgot your iPhone or it was stolen, you can track it using iCloud on the web or using the Find My app on another iPhone.

On the Web

1. Open any browser and go to

2. Sign in using the same Apple ID that is signed in to your iPhone.

3. Once logged in, you will see a green dot on the map showing the location of your iPhone.

4. Click the green dot and then the “i” button.

5. You will now see three options you need to do on your iPhone- Play Sound, Lost Mode and Delete It.

i) When you tap Play sound, it will play the sound on your phone so you can locate it. This function is intended when you drop the phone in a nearby area.

ii) If you select Lost mode, you can enter a phone number where you can be called and leave a message. When you do this, the phone will be locked until the passcode is entered.

iii) Finally, if you want to remotely delete data from your iPhone, select the third option.

On the application

If you want to use the Find My app to locate your phone, you can use someone else’s iPhone.
1. Open Find My App on your friend’s iPhone.

2. Now tap Me, then scroll up to see the “Help a friend” option.

3. Tap it and the iCloud Safari login page will open, enter your Apple ID and password.

That’s it. After that, all the features are the same as the web along with directions on the map to get to the last location of your iPhone.

Needless to say, if your iPhone runs on iOS 15 and qualifies for the latest feature, you can monitor it even if it’s turned off.

Alternative method: Use a tracking device

If you want to protect your iPhone from some things so it can’t be stolen or lost, there are a few more ways to do it. Well, you can use the iPhone case that comes with a built-in tracking device.

Source: Smartkase

These cases come with a built-in GPS chip and you have either a tracking app or a controller. So when your iPhone is detached from you, either the controller will notify you or you can monitor it later using the appropriate app.

So, this way you can locate a stolen or lost iPhone even when it is turned off or offline due to the network. We know that losing your iPhone is really a very embarrassing experience, well

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