5 hours ago

    Apple wins UK appeal to dismiss Safari antitrust probe because of a government mess up

    Going back to 2020, UK regulators started looking into possible antitrust issues regarding Apple’s Safari browser on iPhone and iPad…
    7 hours ago

    1Tb TLC with 3.2 GT/s IO Speed

    Kioxia and Western Digital formally introduced their 8th Generation BiCS 3D NAND memory with 218 active layers. The new storage…
    9 hours ago

    Exceptional Minds gets Apple support for neurodivergent creativity

    Exceptional Minds, a non-profit which helps neurodivergent creatives turn their passions into their careers, is receiving support from Apple’s community…
    1 day ago

    Apple Stock: Why Warren Buffett Loves It, According To One Analyst

    Buffett’s $146 billion AAPL stake reflects the company’s leading position, diversified business model, and strong financials, which seem to fit…
    1 day ago

    Apple wins appeal in decade-long battle with notorious patent troll

    Apple has been embroiled in a decade-long battle with patent licensing company VirnetX, which is often described as a “patent…



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